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Andale Manito!! “Radio Perez” begins broadcasting today!!

And just in time for the 5 de mayo festivities!Just when you thought the guy was a master multi-tasker, Mario Lavandeira Jr. (a/k/a Perez Hilton) surprises us with additional projects and energies! Along with his trusty, adorable sidekick, Benji Teddy, this blog queen is set to conquer the world of entertainment news and gossip (America’s […]

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Simon Predicts A.I. finale!

Idol judge Simon Cowell has sounded off to The Insider about his predictions for the final two of this seasons Idol.

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Helps to be bff’s with a Hollywood PR Power house!  I just got a call and I can exclusively report for fabulous STARZLIFE.COM that Lauren Conrad has been paid a whopping $150,000.00 to endorse! Holy baby Jesus!  That’s a lot of dough!  Facebook who?  Now this little Hill’s star can finally afford to get those roots […]

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GLAAD Awards Shenanigans

Ugly Betty won Outstanding Comedy Series for the second year in a row. As Silvio Horta was making a heartfelt acceptance speech, Micheal Urie and Becki Newton decided to play class clowns. Michael Urie pulled on-set dresser Giovanni Aurilia to the front of the stage. “He’s really strong,” Urie cooed. “Open your jacket. Pick up […]

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Ania Migdal Launches “Lock-It!” was the first to let you know about Ania Migdal’s brand new fashion line “Lock-It” back a month or so and now she’s ready to launch!  

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9021 NO!

In 90210 Spinoff news. The CW is reportedly interested in casting Hilary Duff for the new series. Her role would be a high school theater student named Annie Mills who is always trying to fit in with the alternative crowd.

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Do the hustle!

Hey Nicky, can you do the chicken dance too?

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A Plumm Summer!

I am not a critic. . .and yes, I will admit to having a major crush on Fonzie back in the seventies. . .but I have to tell you, this is one of those sleeper movies that you are just gonna kick yourself if you don’t find a theatre playing it and go and see […]

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Tom Arnold in a Russell Crowe suit!

Russell Crowe Tom Arnold looking old and fat in West Hollywood!

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Amanda Bynes paid a visit to a Beverly Hills hair salon yesterday dressed in the most Miley Cyrus outfit she could come up with. She was accompanied by her b*tch, and a few bored photogaphers who probably thought they spotted Hannah Montana from a far but got there and said “what the heck.”

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