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What, So Now Taylor Swift Has to Be Harassed By Dumb, Unfunny, Shrieking Morning Radio DJs, Too?

Why is morning radio so unbearably god-awful? The only thing I can listen to before noon is NPR – I have limited interest in the plight of Vietnam’s rice paddy workers, but at least the story won’t be read to me by an abrasive buffoon screaming, “I mean, can YA BELIEVE that these guys bust […]

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OK, Fine, These Kanye Memes Are Kind Of Funny

MTV has a piece asking if the current internet craze of superimposing Kanye West over something to interrupt it is the new LOLCATS. GTFO, MTV, there will never be another LOLCATS. (Have you ever seen LOLDOGS? SMH.) But these are mildly amusing in a “last post of the day” kind of way. (If I knew […]

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Taylor Swift: “I’m Not Gonna Say I Wasn’t Rattled By It”

Where do you go to vent? Why, The View of course! Fallen MTV winner Taylor Swift brought her pity party to The View this morning and lost no chance in airing her gripes about that incident. The humorless Swift let it be known she was “rattled” but said she relied on plenty of support from […]

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2nd Attempt to Make Nice With Taylor Swift Fans

Kanye West has issued his second apology for last night’s VMA antics. As opposed to the first, he was short and sweet this time.  But is his situation comparable with his example? “I feel like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave… That […]

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YouTube is like an NPR Call-In Show for Idiots with Opinions About Kanye West

I measure the impact of controversial events on society by reading YouTube comments. I’m not interested in the opinion of the Ivy League-educated ivory tower-dwellers who bloviate on cable. They’re paid to have a position on everything whether they mean it or not; YouTube commenters are motivated by passion alone, and there’s a whole lot […]

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Taylor Swift Talks!

19 year-old Taylor Swift finally addressed last night’s brou-ha with Kanye West to MTV reporters. While Swift didn’t actually respond directly to Kanye’s indirect apology (he tweeted last night a sort-of apology while maintaining that Beyonce still should have won,) she did let it be known that she wasn’t impressed. Said Ms. Swift: “I don’t […]

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Kudos To Kanye! Mr. West Makes MTV Awards Great

Everyone is up in arms about Kanye West’s Tayor Swift diss at the MTV Music Awards. But here’s a point. He was right! Beyonce created one of the most iconic videos in history and a whining tween bubblegum star takes Top Prize. It Ain’t Right! And Hell to the Yeah to Kanye for pointing it […]

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Catch Taylor Swift’s VMA Performance Live…Unless You’re Ugly!

Is it your dream to go to the VMA’s in NYC this year and see the lovely Taylor Swift perform? Well click here… Tickets are free and you can still submit a request for them. If you’re not ugly though! and let’s be real here ugly people know when they are ugly.  Even an ugly […]

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Swift’s Fearless Tour Gone in 120 Seconds.

Taylor Swift has a number one album, and is about to embark on her first headlining US tour this spring/summer. Tickets for Taylor’s May 22 concert at LA’s Staples Center went on sale Friday morning and sold out in a quick two minutes!!! Britney didn’t even sell out Staples in two minutes!! Taylor will also […]

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Miley and Taylor to Duet at Grammy Awards!

It has been confirmed that Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift will duet on stage this weekend at the Grammy Awards. Both of the girls called into Ryan Seacrest this morning, who first broke the rumor last night on his twitter page (of course) and confirmed the duet, and how they are both really excited to […]

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