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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Madonna and Tom Cruise adopted kids to run the world?

Inforwars.com and various other sites can be a hazzard to your health, keeping you up for days watching the endless scary videos and reading about the most diabolical plans of the elite to take over the world. Fema Camps, 911 conspiracies, Deliberate engineered economic collapse,Illuminate, Marshall Law are just a few of the subjects rammed […]

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Brad Pitt’s Daddy Daughter Day in LA

Brad Pitt is rarely in Los Angeles it seems, but he’s not going to let this town keep him from doing things with his daughter. Brad and Zahara hit up The Grove in LA this weekend for some shopping at the American Girl store, and tons of fans and photographers were present hoping to catch […]

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Brad Pitt Hits the Mall

A buffed out Brad Pitt and  daughter Zahara hit The American Girl Store to pick out a present on their way to a birthday party for Chris Cornell’s daughter. Parking at The Grove is hell enough, well can’t imagine having to run a gauntlet of fans and photographer as well. The mall went a little insane […]

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Hunky Villain Alert! Brad Pitt Tapped for Sherlock Sequel

Brad Pitt is set to star is Professor Moriarty in the next Sherlock Holmes film, so says Popeater. Guy Richie, I know you read this, so can I take this moment to ask that you please play up the fact that Sherlock Holmes is a recreational cocaine user in the next film? You can do […]

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Angelina Thinks Obama Is O-Lamer

When it comes to our patron saint of Pulitzer president, Angelina Jolie ain’t drinking the Obama cool aid. According to a source at US magazine, “She hates him. She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise.” What?! A Hollywood star […]

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“Embarrassing” High School Pics of Beautiful Stars

The Huffington Post has a collection of celeb’s high school photos titled “Celebrity Yearbook Photos: Whose Is Most Embarrassing?” Well, not Brad Pitt’s, Angelina Jolie’s, Tom Cruise’s, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s. As it turns out, these super-pretty people were good looking in high school, too! What’s supposed to be embarrassing about this Brad Pitt pic? The […]

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Brad Pitt Gets Down With Bill Maher

Brad Pitt promoted his new movie Quentin Tarantino flick, ‘Inglorious Basterds‘ with a recent stop on the Bill Maher show. Brad barely talked about the movie; instead, he rapped about his work in New Orleans, gay marriage, a religious-free state, and educated Bill Maher on the aesthetics behind architecture. In turn, Bill Maher congratulated Pitt […]

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Brad Pitt’s Godless, Pro-Drug Platform Could Get Him Elected in New Orleans

Brad Pitt is giving Lil’ Wayne a run for his money when it comes to hometown hero status in New Orleans.  Mr. Pitt’s charity, Make It Right, has spent the past four years helping to re-build homes in the Katrina-destroyed town. Lil’ Wayne is still mad icy, though. In this video below, Brad gives Ann […]

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Brad Pitt Won’t Tie The Knot Until The Gays Can

Tinseltown’s biggest family man is also one of the Gays most unlikely supporters. Angelina’s hubby and Jen‘s ex, Brad Pitt shares some compassionate tidbits in a cover story for right-wing syndicated magazine ‘Parade‘ this Sunday. (Yep, the magazine even published a “story” by Fox moron Bill Article in the same ish.) So kids, why won’t […]

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Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List: Obamas, Brad Pitt and Fancy Rich People

Vanity Fair magazine announced their best dressed list this week. The categories are stranger than the Kids’ Choice Awards, but the clothes are definitely more stylish. Unless you’ve spent the last 20 years jetsetting and attending elite NYC parties, I doubt you know half these people even existed, let alone if they have nice clothes. […]

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