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RIP Andy Whitfield

Actor Andy Whitfield has passed away at age 39 after losing his battle with cancer. The ‘Sparticus: Blood and Sand’ actor died at his Australia home on Sunday night after succumbing to non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, according to his manager. Whitfield was preparing to shoot a second series when he was diagnosed in 2010, before being replaced […]

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Lance Armstrong Retires For a Second Time

Lance Armstrong is retiring from cycling… Again. The seven time Tour de France winner attempted retirement back in 2005, but thought he had one more in him and returned to the sport for another go.  He wound up placing third, and has finally decided to hang up his yellow tights. In addition to winning the […]

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 100% Cancer Free

A very special congratulations goes out to Kareem Abdul Jabbar today, who announced on Twitter that he is 100% cancer free. Jabbar tweeted: “re my medical condition, I am 100% cancer free !!” KAJ was diagnosed with a rare form of lukemia in 2009 and has beat it entirely as of this week! He also […]

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Elizabeth Edwards Dead at Age 61

Elizabeth Edwards has passed away in her home this afternoon, losing her battle with cancer. This news comes just one day after doctors advised her to stop her cancer treatment, because there is nothing more they could do. Just yesterday she posted the following to her facebook: “The days of our lives, for all of […]

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Adam Yauch

Beastie Boy Battling Cancer

Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch has been diagnosed with Cancer and the boys will be canceling all upcoming tour dates while he receives treatment. In a video posted to their official website, Yauch announced; “About two months ago, I started feeling this little lump in my throat, like what you would feel if you have […]

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Patrick Swayze Update!

Doctors report Swayze’s grim prognosis is untrue!!Peopl.com is reporting that Patrick Swayze’s doctors have released a statement denying yesterdays rumors of a “dying” Swayze living the last few weeks of his life!!  Doctors report Swayze is ill, but that he has been responding well to treatment, contrary to yesterday’s reports. “Patrick has a very limited […]

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Five weeks.

So, I finally got home.  I decided to stop crying and actually research the Patrick Swayze cancer situation (maybe there was some mistake?).  And, if I was crying before, now I’m a total wreck!  It seems Patrick Swayze has had a tough couple of months, silently battling pancreatic cancer, now metastasized.  During this past month […]

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