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Here, Have a Glimpse at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hallow:¬†Function: noun¬† obsolete : a saint, a shrine, or a relic There. That’s for those of you who, like me, have never read a Harry Potter book and don’t know what “hallow” means, and there must be a lot of us, because the Merriam-Webster entry for the word actually says, “It is not listed in […]

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Rupert Grint Sheds The Wizard’s Cloak And Shows His Magic Wand!

Carrot-top teen and Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint has been getting his gears off in indie flicks lately. In his latest film, Cherrybomb, Harry’s shy little bestie is drinking, getting high and showing his gingers. The story is based around the appearance of a mysterious girl who Grint meets up with, works his magic… and […]

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Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe! Who? Harry Potter!

Daniel Radcliffe, AKA Harry Potter, turns 20 today! Hope you get all the things you wanted, like wizard staffs and messenger owls or whatever it is you wizards love! Note to Daniel: You can try all you want and you will forever be Harry Potter. You can go fully nude on Broadway and you will […]

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Harry Potter and the Screaming Japanese Fangirl, Coming Summer 2010

Japan really knows how to give good television. Daniel Radcliffe stopped by a wacky Japanese TV show, scaring the mother-lovin’ magic out of a huge tween Harry Potter fan.You have to hand it to Dan for totally rolling with this insane interview. Maybe he’s just completely jet-lagged and has no idea what’s going on. Or […]

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Jimmy Fallon Fools People into Liking Him by Dressing Up as Robert Pattinson

Jimmy Fallon did impressions of Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe last night on Late Night. Because the only way to get people to watch Late Night is to somehow cash in on Harry Potter and Twilight. While watching this video, I can’t help but sing that little song, “One of these things is not like […]

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I Know We’ve Been Doing a Lot of Harry Potter Posts, But In Our Defense, the New Harry Potter Movie Came Out This Week

And it’s making a lot of money. After banking $22.2 mil from midnight screenings alone, the sixth installment in the series of which we’ve seen 1.5 films in their entirety (I had to walk out of the second movie because I was going to die of boredom because I am not 11) pulled down an […]

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Awesome, Resourceful Harry Potter Actor Pleads Guilty to Growing Pot in His Mom’s House

Jamie Waylett, who has, over the course of the previous year, gone from being an actor from the Harry Potter films I had never heard to my favorite actor from the Harry Potter films, entered his formal guilty plea for growing ten marijuana plants today. In addition to growing, Jamie was found with several bags […]

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The Sixth Jason Movie Didn’t Do This Well: Potter Makes 22.2 Million

The title for this post originally said “Potter Conjures” but, according to Google, 1,990 other writers also thought of that clever little play themselves. That’s the problem with puns: someone else has probably already done it. Also, they make people roll their eyes, even when they’re good. Harry Potter and the Chuzzlewit Broom Ride or […]

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Harry Potter Franchise to Surpass James Bond

With the midnight release of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” tomorrow, the Harry Potter franchise is expected to surpass the James Bond franchise’s total earnings. So far the 007 films have raked in a total of roughly $5 billion over the years, while the Harry Potter films have totaled about $4.48 billion. The […]

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