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Hilary Duff in the New Spider-Man!?

Hilary Duff has been hitting the gym quiet a bit lately and looking great.¬† We thought she was shapin’ up for her recent wedding but it turns out she might be getting in action-star-shape. A script spotted at Duff’s home during an interview has everyone speculating that Duff might be in the next Spider-Man movie.

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James Cameron’s New Flick: Official Avatar Trailer

The highly anticipated new James Cameron movie, Avatar, debuted the official trailer today. I have no clue what this movie is about, but it’s getting major buzz. From what I can tell it’s about blue cat people who live in jungle, and there’s violence and love. The hot guy from Terminator: Salvation, Sam Worthington, maybe […]

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White Chicks 2 Gets the Green Light, Unfortunately

The mind-bogglingly successful Wayans brothers film, White Chicks, is set to be rehashed with a sequel. Keenen Ivory Wayans will direct his brothers Marlon and Shawn once again as FBI agents who go undercover as white women. All three will write the film. Maybe Sony Pictures should keep this one on the shelf for a […]

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Orlando Bloom Would Rather Hang Out With his GF than Do Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Orlando Bloom reportedly will not be involved in the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. His absence won’t be a problem unless Disney decides to recast the Will Turner role with another pretty boy English actor who looks like Orlando Bloom but not quite, so it just bugs you the whole time. […]

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Saw VII is in the Works, Lionsgate Makes the Dead Horse Beat Itself

The sixth installment of the Saw movies will open on Halloween this Fall, but before any indication of Saw VI’s success, execs have already signed a deal to start production on Saw VII. Saw VII will be directed by the production designer from Saw II, III, and IV, David Hackl. The Saw series of films […]

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Alice in Wonderland

Wow, that Beatles rock band thing was nothing. Check out the just released trailer for Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland and please promise me you won’t try to fly off the roof of a building while watching it. Tim Burton is one of those filmmakers who is no longer that good but who can somehow […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio and WB to Rehash Twilight Zone

Hoping that only the name Twilight is what makes the vampire series so popular, Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company and Warner Brothers are in the early stages of bringing a Twilight Zone remake to the big screen. The classic TV series was previously made into a film in 1983 by Warner Brothers, with Steven Spielberg producing, […]

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Harry Potter Franchise to Surpass James Bond

With the midnight release of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” tomorrow, the Harry Potter franchise is expected to surpass the James Bond franchise’s total earnings. So far the 007 films have raked in a total of roughly $5 billion over the years, while the Harry Potter films have totaled about $4.48 billion. The […]

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Ryan Reynolds to Star in The Green Lantern

Because Hollywood can’t help itself¬† knowing that a comic book exists and is not yet a film, Warner Brothers is slated to begin production of The Green Lantern in January. A lot of speculation occured in the press over who would be cast as the superhero, everyone from Bradley Cooper to Jared Leto to Justin […]

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Breaking Down Ghostbusters III Rumors.

The poster is a fake, and Seth Rogen has denied that he’s working on a third Ghostbusters film right now, but if we play our cards right, all of this could end up a reality.

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