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Robert Pattinson “Bothered” By the World Cup

Robert Pattinson may be English, but he’s no fan of the World Cup! At least, not according to Jimmy Fallon. In Fallon’s latest, “Robert Pattinson is Bothered” spoof,  Fallon plays an R-Patz who is really peeved by the World Cup soccer tournament. Check out “Robert” telling you where you can stick your vuvuzela below.

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Robert Pattinson is Bothered by Halloween

“I can’t think of a bigger middle finger than getting that in a bag for Halloween” At least as far as Jimmy Fallon’s “Bothered with Robert Pattinson“ skit is concerned. Check out the mega hilarious clip below!

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Billy Ray’s Rappin’ Response, by: Jimmy Fallon

Billy Ray Cyrus has responded to the Miley Cyrus ‘No More Twitter‘ rap video that she put out earlier this week.  Sort of… Comedian Jimmy Fallon, dressed up as Billy Ray Cyrus, played the mock video on his show last night, as a response to Mileys video. Billy Ray ain’t no twitter quitter!

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Copycat Fishes!

That’s what bothers Robert Pattinson about Shark Week.  Sharks bite people when they smell blood, just like vampires! Jimmy Fallon launched a new site based off of his Robert Pattinson spoofs called ‘Robert is Bothered.’ On the first official segment, Robert Pattinson is bothered by Shark Week. Check it out below.   Brilliant!

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What a Bitch!

A suggestion for Jimmy Fallon though… Do the reunion anyways.  Hit her below the belt.  Invite Leanna Creel.  The one who played “Tori Scott” for that season where Kelly and Jesse were mysteriously missing.  You know,  the first senior year. I’m sure she’s got nothing at all to do these days. Tiffani Thiessen is Busy […]

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Jimmy Fallon Fools People into Liking Him by Dressing Up as Robert Pattinson

Jimmy Fallon did impressions of Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe last night on Late Night. Because the only way to get people to watch Late Night is to somehow cash in on Harry Potter and Twilight. While watching this video, I can’t help but sing that little song, “One of these things is not like […]

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Zack Attack is Back on Fallon

If you have ever questioned Jimmy Fallon’s ability to deliver as a late night host, last night he made his mark! Fallon not only got Mark-Paul Gosselaar to appear on his show to talk Saved By the Bell, but he got him to come in character as Zack Morris, and stay in character for the […]

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