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James Cameron is Untouchable

For the past twelve years he’s held on to the highest grossing box office movie ever with Titanic, but James Cameron’s rule had to be in jeopardy of ending one day right? Yeah, if by chance the guy who wrote Avatar which has raked in 1.14 billion world wide wasn’t also named James Cameron. While […]

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Get Kim’s 2010 Calendar For FREE! + $29.99

Hey all you Kim Kardashian fans out there looking to get your hands (or well, you know) on a Kim Kardashian 2010 calendar  but don’t have the $12.99 to fork over for one? Don’t worry!  Kim Kardashian posted a secret link on her Twitter advertising that you can get her 2010 mega hot 16 month […]

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Who’s to Blame for a New Years Blackout? Time Warner, or FOX

Bad news for some of you Time Warner Cable subscribers hoping to catch this years New Years Eve celebration or the grand daddy of them all, The Rose Bowl Game, on new years day… If negotiations don’t go well between News Corp. and Time Warner in the next 24 hours, The network and all of […]

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Sinbad in Troubs with the IRS

Another celebs in trouble with the tax man. Sinbad Adkins, the comic turned actor who once starred in many-a-greats including First Kid with Zachary Ty Bryan, owes Uncle Sam 8.15 million in back taxes! Sinbad has been officially declared Bankrupt, and will be forced to sell his California home and pay off his debts. What […]

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Good News Telecommuters: Free WiFi Coming to McDonalds!

When you’re stuck working on the road or from home and don’t want to shell out the 3.99 per 2 hours to work with the snootie patooties at Starbucks,  you will now be able to go to the happiest place on earth (not talking about Disney) and use all the free Wi-Fi your heart desires. […]

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Taylor Gives Back for her 20th Birthday

It’s better to give than to receive..but girl it was your 20th birthday!!! After throwing a holiday party for her crew, band, family, and friends, this past weekend which fell on the same date as her 20th birthday, Taylor Swift has decided to give the ultimate gift rather than receive it. Swift has donated $250,000 […]

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Celebrate a Hangover With ‘The Hangover’

I guess it’s as easy as this when you are a power house movie company, but Warner Brothers has declared that January 1, 2010 be considered National Hangover Day. Yes, it’s in celebration of their $300 million dollar baby, The Hangover, which hits DVD shelves tomorrow the 15th. They figure, with Christmas just 10 days […]

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Are You Ready for Twi-Max?

On the wave of New Moon success, Summit Ent. announced yesterday that when Eclipse hits the theaters on June 30, 2010, they will be letting it loose on IMAX theaters nationwide. A few more bells and whistles for a jacked up ticket price and we can already predict that Eclipse will be breaking all the […]

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‘Blind Side’ Does Sack ‘New Moon’ at Box Office This Weekend

Move ‘Oher’ Edward Cullen! While most movies decline afer a few weeks at the box office,  The Blind Side just keeps picking up steam! Sandra Bullock’s new movie based on the true story of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher, actually beat out New Moon this weekend! While their total gross are nowhere near comparable, The Blind […]

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Sandra’s ‘Blind Side’ On the Rise

It’s tough to get noticed when your box office competition is a Twilight movie, but Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side did not lose any steam this weekend! Sandy’s film took second place again bringing in $57 million at the box office this holiday weekend, up almost $20 million dollars from it’s debut the week before! […]

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