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Ryan to William Morris: Seacrest, OUT!

To make a long and boring story short,  Ryan Seacrest has jumped ship from his angency at William Morris and joined up with CAA  in one of the biggest Hollywood industry shake ups this year. Seacrest was long rumored to be in dispute with William Morris over them refusing to cut him a special deal […]

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$eacrest $igns for 3 More

In no way does Ryan Seacrest seem like he only does this or that for the money, but he must be doing something right for the mega bucks he’s getting from American Idol. As pay raises are the theme of these latest Idol contract extensions, including Simon Cowell’s 144 million, the shows famed host is […]

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Bruno: Rags or Riches?

Sacha Baron Cohen, the mastermind behind Borat, has a new film with a similar one-word title. “Bruno” bows this weekend, and follows it’s Austrian gay fashion journalist title character on a journey to the United States, where he seems destined to offend everyone and maybe even start a riot. Many people have expressed concern over […]

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They Paid Her How Much!?

Page Six is reporting that the Vegas hotel where Lindsay Lohan hosted her 23rd birthday bash this past weekend paid the actress $70,000 to host her own poolside event. Recently Lindsay was quoted saying that she was the hardest working person she knows, and let me tell you.  Spending your Saturday at the pool in […]

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And the Rich Get Richer

Talk about a raise!  Simon Cowell is going to climb even higher on the rich list if he agrees to stick with American Idol after his contract runs out next May. This past season, Cowell made a reported $36 million dollars for judging the reality singing competition, but its being reported that Fox and 19 […]

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Transformers Delivers Big Box Office as Promised

Well, The Hangover was supposedly this summers surprise blockbuster, and in it’s fourth week at the box office it’s still holding strong with a total gross of $183 million.  It even took the number 3 spot this weekend. But as expected, Transformers 2 debuted this weekend to HUGE numbers over 5 days. The total: $201.2 […]

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Kathrine Heigl Demands More Than She’s Worth

She’s stuck in a coma on Grey’s Anatomy, but unless Katherine Heigl stops her diva ways, opportunity may not be knocking any time soon. Katherine reportedly had to pull out of her latest movie after they wouldn’t guarantee her a paycheck of $3 million dollars. After all the drama she caused on the set of […]

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Earth is New Box Office King.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have been dethroned from a third straight week at the top of the box office. Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connoly’s si-fi thriller The Day the Earth Stood Still took this weekends top spot bringing in 31millon dollars. Four Christmases did hang around at second though, bringing in 13.2 million in […]

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