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50 Cent; “The Credit Crunch Has Hit Rap”

This economy has even got rapper 50 cent in a crunch!  He’s going to have to start selling his old jewelry before he buys new stuff! The man who once made 400 million dollars after buying into Vitamin Water  recently spoke with the UK’s Telegraph and revealed that he’s only lost a couple million due […]

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More He Said/She Said in Gosselin Money Case

We told you this morning that Jon Gosselin’s attorney Mark Heller had reported that Jon returned the $180,000 to the family’s joint bank account but it was his wife Kate Gosselin who had not complied with the judges order in showing proof that she spent the other $55,000 on bills and to support the kids. […]

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Tough Economy? At Least There’s Still Rich People!

Football fans in the Cincinnati Ohio area can be thankful for their star player, because according to some reports he’s going to be the new savior of their Sunday! It’s been an issue since week one of this NFL season,  tough times at home and loss of jobs preventing football fans from being able to […]

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Speaking of Wacksons…

Latoya Jackson is about to lose her Las Vegas home if she doesn’t pay up! According to some new court docs, Latoya owes $745,670.27 on her property in the Las Vegas International  Country Club. Her rep obviously said some crap to the extent of “she doesn’t even care about this property”  but it was likely […]

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Australian Bank Moves Money Into Portfolio Marked “Sheryl Crow”

First State Media Group Ltd. (FSMG), a fund half-owned by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, has acquired the music publishing catalog of Sheryl Crow. No, they did not traipse down to Best Buy and pick up a copy of all her albums. They bought the publishing rights, which generate cash when the songs are used […]

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Traces of Cocaine on 90% of Your Money Says Study

They always said money was the dirtiest thing their is, well that depends on what your definition of dirty is. New study shows that cocaine residue is found in 90% of US bills. To the normal person, a dollar bill that’s been passed a long over it’s usual span of 20 months and contains mass […]

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New Moon Can’t Save BandSlam from Flop

Well it looks as if not even a Twilght sneak peek could bring people out to see Vanessa Hudgens new film, BandSlam this weekend. In the end, they were able to end up with $2,250,000 in ticket sales, far far behind weekend winner District 9, which brought in 37 million. So what went wrong with […]

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Forbes’ List of the Top-Earning Women in Hollywood: You Ain’t On It

Forbes Magazine compiled their first ever list of the top-earning women in Hollywood from June 2008 to June 2009. Women from all avenues of entertainment were considered. 1. Oprah, $275 Million 2. Madonna, $110 million 3. Celine Dion, $100 million 4. Beyonce, $87 million 5. Stephanie Meyers, $50 million (the writer of Twilight) 6. Judge […]

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PICS: Lauren Conrad Is Ballin’ Through the Recession

The image of someone walking out of an ultra-expensive department store carrying a bunch of their bags is one I’ve always had trouble wrapping my head around. I understand why Cher from Clueless can afford to do it – she’s imaginary, that was a movie, and the bags were empty. Here’s Lauren Conrad walking out […]

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Hamsters Win the Weekend

Disney’s G-Force took down the all mighty Harry Potter film this weekend in a close race at the box office, and Katherine Heigl’s The Ugly Truth was not too far behind. The animated rat comedy took in $32 million with  Harry bring in $30 for a second place finish. The Ugly Truth earned $27 million! […]

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