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Governor Schwarzenegger Dodges Uncle Sam

Must have just slipped his mind while he was busy Governing the entire state of California, but apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger owes the tax man the sum of $79,064! Lots of celebs tend to get in trouble with the IRS when they don’t keep track of their incoming funds (usually because theres so much) but you’d […]

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Celebs are Shoptimists, You Can be too! Enter to Win!

Starting next Friday we enter the busiest shopping time of the year, so in celebration of shopping season were going to have a special giveaway! Celebrities are always shopping as we see every day on sites like this one, but there’s a reason that YOU as a shopper, in good economic times or bad just […]

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Are Twilight Fans Happy With Third Place?

Even though The Twilight Saga: New Moon ripped off the highest grossing opening night ever with $72 million in Friday showings alone, they didn’t take the all time opening weekend record from The Dark Knight. New Moon finished off the weekend with $140.7 million in total ticket sales, in third behind Spider Man 3 with […]

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‘Dark Knight’ and Boy Wizard Lit Up By ‘New Moon’

Consider this a spankin’!   The Twilight Saga: New Moon dominated midnight sales last night making it the highest grossing midnight showing EVER. The Dark Knight took the top spot a few summers back when it raked in 18.4 million back on July, 22, 2008 only to be taken over by Harry Potter 6, which premiered […]

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For those of you who don’t have tickets to see New Moon this weekend yet…  Good luck! According to MovieTickets.com over 200 screens have been sold out in New York and LA alone this weekend, add in the rest of the country and there are 2,150 sold out showings already accounted for. Do you guys […]

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2012’s Weekend On Top. Enjoy it. It was the last…

We’ve heard mixed reviews about this one!  Mostly that the special effects were amazing but the story line was blah. Either way, the public spent their money on seeing 2012 this weekend! The new film depicting the end of the world brought in $23 million dollars on Friday sales alone and about $61 million for […]

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Jon Sues TLC For 5 Mil!

If TLC isn’t going to pay Jon Gosselin, then he’s going to try and make them. TLC originally filed suit against Gosselin for breach of contract when he appeared on various programs promoting nothing more than himself, and the wanna be star is firing back with a countersuit. It’s believed that Jon’s argument will be […]

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Get Your Name On the Paranormal DVD

Ever wanted to see your name in the credits of a feature film but have no writing/directing/acting talent or money to produce? Now you can! Paranormal Activity was an unexpected smash thanks to the fans who demanded it get a nationwide release, and to thank you, and sell more DVDs, they are going to thank […]

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That’s it?

A few people we talked to who saw the film said it was nothing short of amazing, but could the public just be over Michael Jackson by now? The opening weekend of Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ came in way short of what Sony had projected this weekend. With a 5 day weekend release, the […]

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Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom Was Actually Considered?

We seriously thought all that talk of Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom was nothing more than tabloid rubbish that was created to cause controversy. In fact, we almost thought it would be a guarantee that Jon Gosselin would try to deny that and even get the possibility of a show like that so […]

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