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New ‘Blood-Thirsy’ Promo for The Vampire Diaries

Whoever created this hot new ad for the Vampire Diaries needs a raise! Nina Dobrev has never looked better!  The contrast is beyond amazing! How are you guys liking the Vampire Diaries so far this season?

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Another Les Grossman Promo!

MTV is really making good on Les Grossman! First they put the Tom Cruise inspired character in a promo for the MTV Movie Awards with Robert Pattinson,   and now, With Tom Cruise! Check out ‘Risky Business Revisited’ 2010 Tom Cruise with the 1982 Tom Cruise hair cut makes us feel like someone took a dump […]

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Extended True Blood Season 3 Promo!

True Blood season 3 is right around the corner! Just under 2 weeks away!! Check out this extended promo below

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New Gossip Girl Promo!

OH MY!  If you can’t wait to see whats to come on the next episode of Gossip Girl, watch this new promo below! We won’t talk about it and spoil it for anyone, but lets just say you probably didn’t see it coming. The promo aired on international television, and not in the US. Tell […]

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New 90210 Promos!

Can’t wait to see what happens next week on 90210?  Well check out a couple promos for season 2, episode 18 below.

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OMG, Gossip Girl Season 3 Sneak Peek!

Remember last season of Gossip Girl when CW marketers used text lingo to advertise the second season of GG? “OMFG” was seen above hot posters of the rich kids making out. Continuing with the third season, Gossip Girl has moved onto “WTF?”. Check out the video for yourself, IDK, but it seems more like OMG […]

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Mad Men Season 3 Promos Are Out

So I know all you Hamm fans will eat this up (can you be Jewish and be a Hamm fan, is that kosher?). AMC debuted their promotional ads for season 3 of their Emmy nominated series Mad Men, and it’s pretty damn hot. What is it about emotional unavailable men that makes them so dreamy? […]

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