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Rihanna, Chris Brown Share VMA Embrace

Rihanna and Chris Brown were reunited once again at the VMA’s on Thursday night, and were caught sharing a smooch by the MTV VMA VIP audience cam. It all went down during Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg’s presentation for Best Hip-Hop video, when Rihanna went up to chris brown and threw both arms around him […]

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Michael Lohan’s Prayers Were Answered Last Night

Michael Lohan must have had Us Weekly on speed dial last night when he tuned into the VMA’s because he couldn’t wait to reveal that his prayers had been met. Lohan’s famous daughter, Lindsay, appeared in the opening skit with host Chelsea Handler, making light of her current battle with the law which caused her […]

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Watch Kanye West Toast to the A** Holes, D**che Bags, Scumbags, and J**k Off’s at the VMAs

Kanye West stole the show at the VMA’s this year, and this time it was for the good of the show! Unfortunately for MTV, his performance was the shows closer, and for anyone who watched on DVR they missed it all together. Along with every other blog and critic, we have to agree they pretty […]

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Taylor Swift Debuts Song About Kanye at VMAs

Another VMA’s gone, and for the second year in a row we are feeling bad for Taylor Swift. Her performance last night of her new song about Kanye West, Innocent, was amazing.  She’s truly great at what she does. However, for the second year in a row, Kanye West stole the show from her, with […]

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Eminem to Open VMA’s

It’s been revealed that Eminem will be the opening act at this year’s VMA’s on MTV. The show will take place this coming Sunday night, and seems like the performances are going to be pretty male dominated this year. We have a feeling host Chelsea Handler won’t let us down, though. Are you tuning in?

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VMA Stock Just Went Down… No Gaga

Chelsea Handler as the host of the 2010 VMAs is going to help viewership, but whoever figured out that Lady Gaga will NOT be performing and confirmed it didn’t do MTV any favors.  Oh wait, it was host, Chelsea Handler, who spilled the beans to Ryan Seacrest! Always a show stealer, Gaga has been busy, […]

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So it Begins!

Told you earlier this morning that Kanye’s  VMA outburst was going to be the new Xzibit meme,   but I didn’t expect a site to be up this quick! ‘Imma Let You Finish” has arrived.   Some suck, most are hilarious, definitely worth the look!

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2nd Attempt to Make Nice With Taylor Swift Fans

Kanye West has issued his second apology for last night’s VMA antics. As opposed to the first, he was short and sweet this time.  But is his situation comparable with his example? “I feel like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave… That […]

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Russell Brand chews up “W” and spits him out for dinner!

Sorry, Charley!  I have to admit even “I” thought the Brit went a little over board with his “W” Roast.  I guess when you are on live television, anything goes!  No matter who you wanna win, you just have to VOTE!  Hopefully that speech stirred y’all up a bit!  Vote!  Vote!  Vote!  Then after “BEST […]

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Phelps and Britney: Recipe for Ratings Gold!

He has gold medals, she has gold records, and you already saw what NBC the past two weeks. Now MTV is enlisting Michael Phelps to be a part of this years VMAs. If only Britney Spears would perform, this would surely be the best show ever.

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