Ruining Miley’s Sweet 16.

Last month, Miley Cyrus did what every 15 year old does to their parents before their 16th birthday, hinted around at what kinda present they’re hoping for on the big day.  Now Miley’s big day might be ruined.  Read on to find out why.

Miley may have mentioned that for her 16th birthday she wanted simply;

“something bad on the road, big enough for all my friends and to scare all the cars away from me. I’m a good driver but it’s everyone else that I’m worried about!”

But now her birthday surprise, or lack there of, may have been revealed.

It’s being reported that Miley already has put in an oder at a Mercedes-Benz dealer for a new CLK-550 convertible, sticker price around 75k. Not bad for her first set of wheels

InTouch was the first to report the news of her big purchase, and a source close to Miss Disney says;

“Miley wanted special options like parking assist and a cream-colored leather interior, so she ordered the car early. She’s telling everyone that she hopes to get a car when she turns 16, so when it comes, she can say it was a surprise from her parents.”

Did anyone you know buy one of the $250 tickets to her upcoming birthday party!?

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