Miley Upset the Diabetes Episode Was Pulled.

Miley Cyrus is said to be steaming mad that the latest episode of Hannah Montana has been pulled by Disney because of it’s content dealing with diabetes after some parents saw a pre-screening of it and voiced their concern.

The episode is described as ultimately delivering a feel-good message to viewers that the disease can be dealt with successfully. So I’m not seeing what the BFD is in the first place.

Miley¬† was overseas when she got news of the cancellation, and ever since then she’s reportedly been trying to make it very clear that she supports diabetes awareness (even though she hates Nick Jonas, who battles with the condition) by frequently stating the phrase “drink water, not sugar.” and being photographed with bottles of Hint water.

Hint water is a new brand of flavored bottled water that uses no sugars but still squeezes in a hint of your favorite flavors.  Though Miley has no affiliation or deal with the brand of water, she just wants to let it be known that even though the episode of her show was attacked by parents, and pulled from the air, she supports the cause of diabetes awareness.

If I was Miley, I’d just brush it off, cash my paycheck for the episode that never aired, and teach those parents a lesson by teaming up for an ad campaign with a brand like frosted flakes, pixie sticks, or domino sugar cubes.

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