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Kim Kardashian Getting Married…in That?

No, thankfully!  But this photo that Kim Kardashian posted on her official blog this morning is of her mother Kris’ dress that she wore to her wedding with late ex-husband Robert Kardashian 30 years ago. Kim posted that her mom became upset when Khloe called the dress hideous while planning for her own wedding, so […]

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Audrina Shows off Childhood Halloween Photos

Audrina Patridge got in the Halloween spirit by sharing some of her childhood Halloween photos with the readers on her official blog. Check out what old ceiling eyes was when she was a youngster.

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Kim Kardashian Needs a Fangirl to English Translator

It’s good to have fans, and as you may have noticed, Kim Kardashian has got A LOT these days as she’s sort of become the new “hollywood it girl” all by herself, leaving a trail of Hiltons and Lohans in the dust behind her. I was visiting her official blog today when i stumbled across […]

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Kim Kardashian’s Baseball Billboard?

The streets of Los Angeles are being graced with this LA Dodgers billboard which features the likeness of Kim Kardashian. Kim wrote on her official site about the Dodgertown ad; “Ahh! How cool is my Dodgers billboard? I love it! It’s a little odd to see myself on a billboard, but I’m thrilled to be […]

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Kim Kardashian Chopped.

No Kim Kardashian didn’t really go for some almost version of the hideous Kate Gosselin haircut, but she did sport a short wig for a new photo shoot. Kim posted the photos to her blog this morning, from a photo shoot with other reality tv stars for Oprah’s ‘O’ magazine. Kim called upon Ken Paves […]

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LC Bids Farewell to The Hills

After last night’s finale of The Hills, which was Lauren Conrad’s last,  she delivered her farewell address via Myspace blog to all of her friends and fans. Says LC: Last night was my last episode of “The Hills”. It was a bittersweet night for me. A part of me is sad to say goodbye to […]

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Kim Kardashian: “Shame” on California!

Kim Kardashian is another celebs using her status to speak out against todays upholding of Proposition 8. Kim posted on her official blog; Today the California Supreme Court decided to uphold Prop 8, outlawing gay marriage in California. This really makes me sad. I thought we were more forward thinking than this, and I’m disappointed […]

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Samantha Ronson Upset Over Gay Bashing at DJ Gig.

Samantha Ronson expected a recent DJ gig in Seattle, Washington to be business as usual, but when she witnessed a helpless girl get beaten  for an unnecessary reason, she became upset and decided to rant. Ronson first posted the photo to her Twitter page, before resorting to a Myspace blog, which allows for you to […]

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Pete Wentz Upset With Online Stalker.

Pete Wentz must deal with the paparazzi wherever he goes, he’s used to it.  But when it comes to some regular joe posting Pete’s whereabouts on the internet when he’s trying to spend time with his son with no paparazzi around, he gets super mad. After being featured on the Gawker Stalker, Pete posted to […]

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Paris’ BFF Clears Up Crash Story.

It was first reported the other night that Paris Hilton’s BFF season 1 winner, and love of our life,  Brittany Flickinger was in a minor automobile accident on a highway heading into Hollywood. Everyone was fine, but she reportedly had bumped her head on the windshield. Flickinger took to her Myspace blog to clear everything […]

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