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Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz supports the gays!

Hilda Suarez, aka Ana Ortiz, 36 looks fabulous and flawless without a stitch of makeup on as she shows her support for “The Gays!” Ana was married to the love of her life, musician Noah Lebenzon, last June and it looks like married life suits her just fine!  She is has a bangin’ body, the cutest dog in the […]

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Amy Winehouse don’t you know crack is wack?!

It just makes me so sick to my stomach!  I can barely watch the video.  Have you seen it?  If I knew what I was really doing and not just playing  I would totally post the video that the British paper “The Sun” has released of the rehab singer actually smoking from a crack pipe!  I […]

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Charlie’s Angels

Thi is just too cute!  I can barely take it.  Charlie has definitely won my heart over with his undying affection for his little princesses and his soon to be queen!  Brooke Mueller is obviously a flawless match for Charlie and perfect addition to their little family.  

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Barack vs. Hillary

They both just keep swinging, and slinging! It’s almost impossible to keep up! I am still on the fence, I hate to admit it. I love to exercise my right to vote, but this is really cutting it close and it’s getting down to the wire. Oprah supports Barack, now America Ferrera is rallying behind […]

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How sweet it is!

Charlie Sheen is officially the luckiest man alive! Brooke Mueller is such a cutie! I can’t get over how sweet and genuine she is with Charlie’s two little girls who have already been through so much in their little lives. 🙂 Brooke had a “Girls day Out” with Sam and Lola at the “Color Me […]

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