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The Gardener had it coming!!

Girly Gloves socked Jesse Metcalfe!!  This is plain wrong.  I can’t figure out what’s worse for me right now, Jesse Metcalfe getting punched in his gorgeous baby face, or the fact his once tight abs are seemingly melting away!  I wonder what he did to this guy. Reports are swarming about him making some sly […]

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Heidi Fleiss arrested!

according to Perez Hilton: “Hollywood’s former Madame to the Stars was busted in Nevada on Thursday afternoon.

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Justin Chambers Checks in and out of the looney bin

Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers checked into the psych ward of the UCLA Medical Center on Monday and checked out yesterday, reports. Chamber’s rep told TMZ that the actor, husband and father of five, was “exhausted and suffers from a sleeping disorder.”

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Aunt Audrina Patridge

The Hills’ Audrina Patridge’s sister Casey welcomed a new little angel Sadie Raine into the world on January 22nd.  I need some baby pictures STAT!

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America’s favorite lesbian turned the big “5-0” this weekend. Funny woman, Ellen DeGeneres and girlfriend Portia de Rossi celebrated by having a cozy lunch at one of Hollywood’s favorite restaurants.

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David Spade is HOT!

uhh. . .NOT! How in the world does this bum end up with all the hot chicks? I have no clue. What’s this that he’s got some model chick knocked up?! How is it possible? Mu$t have $omething to do with his per$onality.

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Is that a baby bump, America?

America Ferrera might just be knocked up! She certainly ate enough for two at Basix in West Hollywood this past weekend! Who knows. . .maybe really huge, oversized, maternity type tops are the in thing this season. . . humm. . .(tapping my nails on my teeth Sylvia Brown style) America did show up at […]

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What’s up Piven?

Jeremy Piven seems a tad bit aggitated as he heads to the gym.  I can totally relate.  I hate going to the gym, besides being surrounded by the stench of body odor it seems like there is a constant level of human methane.  Don’t ya hate that?  Sweat is one thing. . .but having to […]

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Eva Longoria-Parker forgets her pants!

She’s totally hot, I know, but from the looks of this picture Mrs. Parker is trying her hardest to be as discreet as possible!  It’s the airport Eva!  You shouldn’t have forgotten your pants!  But you’re pretty so all is forgiven!

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Why so glum?

Nicollette Sheridan is super hot for an old bitty that’s  44!!!  Most woman  her age look absolutely haggard, with more hair on their chins then on their head, not Nicollette though!  This Desperate Housewife might be a bit glum over the writer’s strike but even without makeup and a trout pout she is still hot, hot, […]

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