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Supreme Court Rules No Fine For Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction

The Surpreme Court has rejected the lower-court appeal in the Janet Jackson / Justin Timberlake Super Bowl indecency case, so there will be no fines dished out for the famous wardrobe malfunction after all. CBS has released a statement about the ruling, saying: “We are gratified to finally put this episode behind us. It’s been […]

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Janet Jackson Designing Fur Fashion Line

Janet Jackson is not going to be on PETA’s Christmas list. Jackson came under fire last year for modeling mink coats for Blackglama, and now she’s designing a full line of furs. Jackson and Blackglama will create a luxury mink collection, which features 15 items ranging from coats to gloves. She explains, “The art of […]

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Britney Spears’ ‘Femme Fatale’ Her Sixth Number One Album

Britney Spears has taken the top spot in sales for her latest album, ‘Femme Fatale.’ selling 276,000 copies in the first week. This is Spears sixth number one album release, which ties her with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson for third on the all time list of number ones by a female artist, only trailing […]

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Janet Is Doing The Nasty With Colin Farrell

For those of you who witnessed Janet Jackson’s incredibly lackluster performance last night on the AMAs, you’re probably scratching your head and asking, ‘How else can this woman stay famous?’ The answer just may be Colin Farrell. Sources are reporting that Miss Janet, who lip-synched for her life last night through a desperate medley of […]

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Joe Jackson Continues His Tour Of Dead Son Whoring

And this morning’s award for ‘Father Of The Year‘? That would be disgusting Joe Jackson, the sleaze-ball dad who has been running around town pitching a new reality series about ‘The Jackson Dynasty.’ Yep, that would be his late son’s kids. Coming soon to A&E: “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.” US Weekly is reporting that […]

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Janet Jackson Rehearsing For Touching MTV Tribute To Michael

Spies are reporting that Janet Jackson is in rehearsal lockdown for this weekend’s MTV Music Video Awards. The performance? A top-secret tribute to brother Michael. TMZ reports that the affair is a grand one featuring 20 backup dancers and some of the world’s most prolific choreographers, including Travis Payne (who worked with Michael on his […]

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Janet Jackson Gets Slightly Less Terrible News Than Brother’s Death

Those aren’t Jermaine Dupri‘s hands, and now they never will be again. Janet Jackson and her boyfriend of seven years have split up. Says a source close to the couple: “They have been moving in different directions for a while.” Makes sense now why Dupri wasn’t at Michael‘s memorial. This isn’t Janet’s year, is it?

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Litigant Won’t Be Getting 120 Million from the One Jackson Who Actually Has It, Janet

If you attempt to kiss Janet Jackson and you’re not Jermaine Dupri, don’t you deserve to get clocked by her bodyguards? I just realized from typing that sentence that Janet Jackson has both a boyfriend AND brother named “Jermaine.” I wonder if Jermaine Jackson’s son will ever hear someone say, “I can’t date you, my […]

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Janet Jackson’s Heart Felt Speech at BET Awards

Janet Jackson also appeared at last night’s BET awards to pay respects to her brother Michael and thank the fans for all of their support. Whoever prepped her, should have also prepped Joe Jackson. You can tell who in the family is actually sad about Michael rather than just trying to promote themselves to make […]

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Ever wonder what heaven looks like?

Janet Jackson and Madonna 

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