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Doh! Usher Rips Off Homer Simpson

We love finding these videos! Usually it’s an artist of an older song claiming a bigger artist ripped them off with a side-by-side comparison, but this time it’s Homer Simpson who may have been ripped off by Usher himself! In this new comparison posted online, Usher’s song Oh My God is compared to a christmas […]

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Spencer Pratt Crazier Than We Ever Imagined?

The internet is loaded with posts of stories and opinions of the craziness that is Spencer Pratt, but is his latest antics some of the craziest ever? Reports surfaced last week that Pratt and Heidi Montag were separating due to his brainwashing and controlling ways, but just how crazy was he when the TV cameras […]

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OMLG Has Arrived! GaGa Replaces God in Internet Lingo

Is Lady GaGa THAT BIG now?   In China at least!   Chinese web rats have replaced the traditional OMG with the newly coined OMLG. This cartoon from China Daily: OH MY LADY GAGA! Get it? The new phrase is running rampant in China, even making it’s way on to certain television shows.  But where did it […]

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OMG!! Miss Tila Launches Gossip Blog

The day has arrived!  Tila Tequila, now going by Miss Tila has launched her long awaited gossip blog.  MissTilaOMG.com was launched tonight, and if you haven’t visited yet, we urge you to do so! Tila is not only giving her two cents on the hottest Hollywood gossip, but she’s even sharing some exclusive details on […]

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Christopher Walken’s Hair Don’t

Surfing around Facebook we found this gem that a fan snapped of Christopher Walken recently. Holy hair!!! We’re speechless, so we’re going to leave it at that!

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Eclipse Trailer Released!

The first (10 seconds of the) trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has hit the net! Remember, it’s just a teaser, so don’t set your expectations too high.    The full REAL trailer will land tomorrow morning at 6AM PST.

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Balloon Boy Found!

After nearly 5 hours at large and becoming the top 3 trending topics on Twitter, balloon boy has been found… In the attic in a box in his house. IN HIS HOUSE! They spent 5 hours worried/wondering where this kid was but didn’t search the entire house. Wish I could say I’m glad he’s safe, […]

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OMG, Tallulah Willis!

“Tallulah Willis wears very short shorts while shopping with Bruce Willis in West Hollywood.”  

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