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Lindsay Lohan Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker

Lindsay Lohan has been granted a restraining order against a man whom she claims has been stalking her, and trespassing on her property. Lohan posted a photo of the man taken via surveillance footage to her twitter page last week with the caption: “This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me […]

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Jack Osbourne Denied Restraining Order Against Vandal Ex

It sounds to me like Jack Osbourne is getting a raw deal here from the judge! After video evidence proved that his ex girlfriend Niki Coyd, was the one responsible for vandalizing his Aston Martin, the judge was still un willing to slap a restraining order on the psycho ex. Osbourne told the judge he […]

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Landlord Joins the Restraining Order Party Against Michael Lohan

Looks like Lindsay and Ali Lohan won’t be the only ones seeking to get a restraining order against their psycho father, Michael Lohan. Lindsay’s landlord, who might be interested in making some brownie points with the troubled actress after a security fudge at her apartment complex allowed for Michael Lohan and two cops to bust […]

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“Wisdom” Causes Rescheduling of Sheen/Mueller Court Date

Talk about a timing snafu! Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are both in Aspen awaiting the court date that may have lifted the restraining order and let the healing of their marriage begin, but thanks to Brooke’s wisdom teeth, they’re going to have to wait a little longer. Maybe this is her wisdom tooth’s way […]

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Greg Brady Gets Restraining Order Against Psycho Ex

Another LA judge has granted a restraining order against the former girlfriend of Brady Bunch star Barry Williams, forcing her to move out of the home she shared with the actor and stay at least 100 yards from him at all times. This comes after Williams, better and only known to you all as Greg […]

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Kelly Rutherford Gets a Restraining Order Against Her Estranged Hubbie

Kelly Rutherford, of Gossip Girl fame, has filed a restraining order against her husband. She claims her estranged hubbie, Daniel Giersch, has harrassed her family and nanny during the bittle custody war over their two children. Rutherford claims that Giersch’s harrassment has caused her undue stress which has negatively impacted her ability to produce breastmilk. […]

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Audrina’s Unwanted Visitor

Her movie Sorority Row hits theaters today, but it’s a serial stalker at home that’s got Audrina Patridge shaking in her boots! The details are slim at the moment, but Audrina has filed a restraining order against a wacko fan with the LA courts today. Apparently about 2 weeks ago, a man showed up to […]

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Rihanna & Chris Asking for Restraining Order to be Lifted?

Here we go! Last Monday Chris Brown was slapped with a restraining order against Rihanna, making it so he has to be 50 yards away at all times. On top of that, he got 5 years probation, and breaking the restrainign order would be a violation causing for him to spend up to four years […]

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