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Kourtney Kardashian Talks Post Baby Bod In Shape Magazine

Kourtney Kardashian appears in a bikini in the latest issue of Shape Magazine, talking her post baby body secrets. However, as girls read the article, we have a feeling many of these magazines are going to be thrown across the room, as talks about never getting her figure back. In a behind the scenes video […]

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Kelly Osbourne Burns 10,000 Calories a Day Talking About Weight Loss

Trying to get Kelly Osbourne to shut up about her weight loss is like trying to wrestle doughnut flavored vodka out of her hand a couple years ago, impossible. Osbourne is SHAPE’s newest cover star which is a bit of a surprise. Fresh off their Lee Ann Rimes controversy, having been scolded by subscribers for putting […]

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Shape Can’t Get Their Story Straight About LeAnn Rimes

Shape needs to shape up their act and get their story straight.   LeAnn Rimes announced on her twitter that the very magazine who sent a letter to subscribers apologizing for putting Rimes on the cover last week, is still in fact throwing her a party.  She is as confused as anyone about the editor […]

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Shape Apologizes for LeAnn Rimes Cover

Does anyone stand by anything they do anymore? Last week it was Dianna Agron from Glee apologizing for GQ photos of her and two fellow cast members, this week it’s Shape magazine apologizing for putting a “husband stealer” on the cover.  The editor called it a “terrible mistake.”  She didn’t comment on the fact that Rimes […]

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Vanessa Manillo For Shape Magazine!

Anna Paquin may be on the cover of the new issue of Shape magazine, but it’s Vanessa Manillo who lights up the inside! Vanessa posed for a few photos, and took part in an interview where she disclosed her workout play list. 1. “Boom Boom Pow” – Black Eyed Peas 2. “Feel Good Inc” Gorillaz […]

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Kim Kardashian: Signature Shape

Kim Kardashian looked AMAZING as she showed up with mom Kris Jenner for a Shape Magazine event in Santa Monica to sign copies of her Shape Magazine. Kim was all over town this weekend filming scenes for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as we spotted her shopping with maybe/maybe not pregnant sister Khloe as well. […]

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Annalynne McCord Shows Off ‘Shape’

Annalynne McCord shows off her ‘shape’ on the cover of the new Shape magazine. Not a bad shape either! Annalynne looks GREAT in that little pink bikini! 90210’s return is right around the corner. (March 9th)  You can check out a preview of the upcoming episode below.

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Shape Magazine, May 2008.

Denise Richards has the clavicle of a ballerina, the body of a (somewhat feminine) man. Let the games begin!  Cheap, “indirect” promotional shenanigans have already begun for Denise Richards’ upcoming reality TV series on E!

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