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More Of LeAnn Rimes Bikini Holiday

LeAnn Rimes put some serious time and effort into her bikini Twitpics this past holiday weekend. This one is a little more artsy than the last, but who are we to judge? Keep em’ comin’ LeAnn.

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LeAnn Rimes Hot 4th Of July

LeAnne Rimes poste some very necessary 4th of July photos to her Twitter account this holiday weekend. The singer posted this shot of her bikini bottoms and tan legs as she spent the holiday lounging by the pool. If you got it, flaunt it.

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Paris Hilton’s Furry Friday

Paris Hilton is having a busy little Friday, running some errands with one of her pups. Hilton posted the photo above to her Twitter page with the caption:” Love my baby :)” Paris seems to have a diffrerent pet each week.  Wonder if she even knows this one’s name? Cute pup!

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Easter Lives Thanks to Paris Hilton

To the rabbits, Paris Hilton is a savior!   Paris posted this twit pic recently after rescuing twenty bunnies from a pet store who were being sold as “snake food.” Now we don’t know much about having snakes, but those are some pretty large rabbits for a pet snake to swallow whole! She’s got twenty now, […]

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Demi Moore is so cute!!!

Demi Moore shows off that she is in love with her much younger husband, Ashton Kutcher. Demi posted a twitpic in her PJ’s, which are embroidered with Mrs Kutcher. You have to be happy for her, How cute!!!

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Kim Kardashian Criticized for Cat Cradle

Kim Kardashian is catching a lot of flack from animal activists for the way she held up this cat in one of her latest tweet photos. During a photo shoot she tweeted; “Pic from my shoot yesterday…good kitty cat!” PeTA spoke out issuing the following statement; “Kim Kardashian is not the only person who has […]

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Ochocinco Has Been Training for DWTS

Chad Ochocinco was just announced as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars last night, and don’t be surprised if he comes out prepared! Athletes usually do very well on this show, because their profession is footwork, but for Ochocinco, it’s all about the video games. He’s frequently at home during the season tweeting his […]

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Tweet of the Day

Tweet of the day goes to Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore! Ronnie, and his girlfriend Sammi are new to Twitter with their joint page, (Twitter.com/ronnieandsammi)but one of them has already hit one out of the ball park this morning! In just their 6th Tweet, we’ll assume it was Ronnie who posted  a Twitpic with the […]

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Was Meghan McCain’s “Spontanious Night” Really That Offensive?

This Twitpic from former Presidential hopeful John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain sent the twitterverse into an uproar last night due to her revealing attire. Meghan tweeted the pic to her followers to talk about her “spontanious” night in reading books, to witch she received many responses calling her horrible names including sl*t. Besides the fact […]

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