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Did Tarantino Really Skip the After Party?

Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds premiered last night in Hollywood but it was the after-party that Hollywood’s A-List won’t be quick to forget. The official after-party took place on Monday night at the Mondrian Hotel with stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Eli Roth and Russell Simmons among others. Numerous media outlets are reporting that […]

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EXCLUSIVE !!! Dirt Nasty Cleans Up

Starzlife spotted former MTV Veejay Simon Rex out washing his car outside of his Hollywood Hills home. The one time What I Like About You star went shirtless as he washed the dirt nasty off his baby blue Buick Riviera. For those of you not in the know, Rex raps under the alias Dirt Nasty […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Interview With ‘Knockout Artist’ Daniel Puder

MMA fighter Daniel Puder stopped by the StarzLife offices recently to talk about  his upcoming fight next weekend. Puder is an undefeated fighter who will try to keep the streak alive on August 15th when he takes on Mychael Clark at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. Tickets are still available for the […]

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StarzLife EXCLUSIVE!!! Interview with Shwayze

Shwayze and Cisco Adler were nice enough to chat with me yesterday about what they’ve got up their sleeve. The music duo, who’s latest single Get U Home is available now for download, and also features a homemade video by Cisco himself, is the first slice of their upcoming album, Let it Beat, which hits […]

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EXCLUSIVE Starzlife Pics Set: Jermaine Jackson and the Mrs.

Do you think Jermaine Jackson appreciates the irony that his name is a homophone of “germane,” which means “relevant?” Or do you think he doesn’t know the words “germane” and “homophone”? Jermaine Jackson (or “Not Michael #6”) took his lovely (seriously! Nice one, Jermaine) lady on a “look at all the things I said I’d […]

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Britney is Free.. But is it a good thing?!

What in the F is going on with Britney Spears!?! StarzLife spotted the princess of pop out driving around in LA this afternoon wearing a wet rat on her head! The good news is, she’s pretty much free of her daddy’s restraints and finally allowed to drive her car again, but the bad news is, […]

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Three Timer!

Eddie Cibrian is the actor who’s most famous for being caught in that scandalous affair with his Northern Lights co-star Leeann Rimes, (how Tori & Dean) but these shocking photos reveal that Leanne might not have been Eddie’s only girl on the side. Here, we give you EXCLUSIVE photos of Eddie Cibrian on a romantic […]

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Why So Happy Katherine Heigl??

Katherine Heigl gave us a 3rd place smile when we spotted her leaving her home on a recent trip to run some errands. Why would a third place smile be such a happy smile you ask? Because in this case, Heigl’s third place means her movie still raked in $27 million dollars during it’s opening […]

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What in the Hell’s Angel!?

Tori Spelling and a motorcycle are something that just should never be put in the same sentence. Unless that sentence is; “Tori Spelling should never ride a motorcycle.” Tori and her husband Mean Dean McDermott were out cruising around Malibu on deans hog, crotch rocket when Starzlife spotted them this weekend. Thankfully Dean didn’t let […]

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