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Rusty Rockets Needs Your Help!

Russell Brand, whom shall only be referred to on this site from now on as  Rusty Rockets, needs a fave. Rusty will be on the Jimmy Fallon show in New York tomorrow night (March 11) to promote the release of his book in the US , My Booky Wook,  and he plans to update his […]

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Proof that Shaq Rules ‘Twitteronia’

Shaq is now doubt the reigning king of celebs twitter, with over 200,000 followers who keep hitting refresh hoping he has blessed them with some wisdom, (which he usually has, I swear he tweets during games.) He’s contantly updating his current locations and telling fans to come up and say hello if they are in […]

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Britney Leaves LA!

Britney Spears updated her Twitter page this afternoon to let her fans know that she has left LA and is on her way back to Kentwood. Britney’s tour kicks off in just 5 short days in New Orleans, so apparently she’s headed down south a little early to relax with some family before hitting the […]

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Uh Oh!

Michael Lohan pretty much first showed up in the Twitter world this morning, and already he’s been hacked. You have to wonder why frequent star twitterers like Ashton Kutcher, Pete Wentz, Shaq, and Diddy haven’t had their Twitters hacked yet, but it probably has something to do with the fact that people actually like them. […]

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Speaking of Twitter:

Miley Cyrus’ twitter page was recently hacked this morning, and the hacker had some pretty graphic things to say! The site has temporarally suspended the account from being viewed, but the quick workers over at ONTD managed to get some grabs. Check em out by clicking here.

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Kutcher Blasts Inaccurate Twitter Coverage.

Ashton Kutcher had more than 140 characters on his mind this time, so he had to breakout the big myspace blog to rant over his thoughts. Ashton has been Twittering like it’s his job lately (they payin you, ash?) and most media outlets have caught on and are following his every tweet. He doesn’t mind, […]

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Quote of the Day.

“Its pretty funny to think about how all of us fit on the bed… dogs and all. makes me smile.” -Pete Wentz writes on twitter of the Simpson-Wentz sleeping arrangements.

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No Adoption For the Kutchers.

After some reports tried to get out that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were planning to adopt a child because they were having no luck having one of their own, the couple had to address the rumor via their respective twitter pages. Mrskutcher writes; “Been asked all day so to clear up rumors we are […]

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Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton Get Verbal On Twitter.

Just as Ashton Kutcher posted his maybe/maybe not joke video complaining about his neighbors building of their “fort” at 7am every morning waking him up from his beauty sleep, Perez Hilton posted the story on his site, and not shockingly included some jabs about Ashton’s career. Well both stars are frequent Twitter users now, and […]

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