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Kutcher Blasts Inaccurate Twitter Coverage.

Ashton Kutcher had more than 140 characters on his mind this time, so he had to breakout the big myspace blog to rant over his thoughts. Ashton has been Twittering like it’s his job lately (they payin you, ash?) and most media outlets have caught on and are following his every tweet. He doesn’t mind, […]

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Only A Few Days Left to Register.

The deadline to register to vote could be as little as 3 days away, and a bunch of Hollywood Dems have released a new PSA urging you to vote. It’s actually pretty funny, at least when Jonah Hill is talking.   Okay only when Jonah Hill is talking. But it’s worth it to watch just for […]

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Oh, Ashton, you bring shame upon my soul!

OMG! I just can’t believe they actually used it on Pop Fiction!!I can’t believe they actually used it on the show!! Talk about LOW BUDGET! I especially loved it when Audrina Patridge laughed at how paparazzi would “think” they would make money from her fake tattoo!Um, Audrina, I hate to break it to you, but […]

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OMG, ASHTON!! Are you all right, you adorable little maniac, you?!

Ashton Kutcher gets a little taste of his own medicine!! (use your imagination if you will and picture Ashton Kutcher diving over the front passenger corner of a Mercedes G Wagon. . .Kinda like those old folks looked when they almost got run down by the prankster last Saturday before the Kid’s choice awards. . […]

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“Pop Fiction sucks!”

Ashton Kutcher: Depressed by the downfall of his new show, drives like a maniac and almost kills an elderly tourist couple!! Not as much fun anymore, is it, Asthon? So not only is Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Fiction a total rip off, it also sucks ass, big time; and in a very predictable kinda way.  Everyone […]

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Oh Ashton!

Total Pop Fiction!  I knew she couldn’t act that well!  Ashton, great idea. . .but kinda dull already! Try a little harder, next time!  Audrina Patridge’s tattoo reads “”fried rice made with pork oil.” Good one. 

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Yours, mine, and ours.

The Willis and the Kutchers make one big, happy family! Bruce Willis seems to be settling down, smitten with hot model girlfriend, 27 year old Emma Heming!!  He seems to be once again embracing his “united family” ideals and beliefs, in order to create a happy, healthy, educational environment for his kids.  Willis and Heming […]

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