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Brett Favre Makes Tiger Look Like a Kitty?

It’s shocking/not shocking at the same time, but according to a source close to Kikster.com, Brett Favre has a black book of mistresses that would make Tiger Woods look like a model husband! A high profile celebs attorney told the source: “I have been approached by numerous females claiming that they have had affairs with […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Lara Flynn Boyle: Un-Luck of the Irish

Lara Flynn Boyle looked like she was dressed for fall semester as we spotted her arriving to a friends house in Los Angeles this past weekend. Decked out in her Notre Dame Fighting Irish t-shirt, we know what kind of a day she ended up having, as her team lost to the University of Michigan’s […]

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Heisman Trust May Come After Reggies Award

We told you yesterday that USC would be turning over their copy of Reggie Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy to the Heisman Trust, after the President-elect has decided to remove all things Bush from the University, including photos and jerseys. Now the Heisman Trust may be doing some digging of their own, and deciding whether or […]

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Kim’s Cowboy

Well it might be safe to say that Kim Kardashian has a “type.” Rumor has it that Kim has trimmed the Bush for good and is headed to the lone star state! They do say everything is bigger in Texas, her ass will fight right in there! Kim is reportedly dating Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin, […]

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New York City Lands 2014 Super Bowl

It’s extremely rare, but the big apple has won a bid for the 2014 Super Bowl. The annual game is usually played in warm weather locations such as Florida, and Arizona, with the occasional trip to a cold weather city but played inside a dome (2005 in Detroit), but  four years from now, the big […]

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Diddy to Purchace Football Club in London

Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is planning to purchase a soccer team. Diddy will reportedly invest some big time cash into the Crystal Palace FC, an East London club that is currently bankrupt. Per his UK rep; “Diddy was in London meeting football fixers a couple of weeks ago. The finance is in place, he’s […]

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Tom Brady Makes the Right Choice

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady just had their first child together earlier this week, but don’t think it’s going to keep him off the field this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Brady returned to practice for the first time Friday morning, and joked that it was just a regular week. He told reporters; “I owe […]

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NFL Hottie Stands Up For The Gays!

We’re not really the sporty type, but things can change! Example of the year? Hot NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, who’s speaking up for The Gays! In an article for Huffington Post, Ayanbadejo writes: “Looking at the former restrictions on human rights in our country starting with slavery, women not being able to vote, blacks being […]

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Ashton Kutcher Really, Really Does Not Like Brett Favre

Ashton Kutcher took to his flip camera and his twitter account this morning to vent his frustration over Brett Favre‘s career track. In the video below, Kutcher rants in the mirror, urging NFL Commissioner Goodell to impose a 5 game penalty upon Favre for signing with the Minnesota Vikings. Favre retired from the Green Bay […]

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