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Madonna Opening a Chain of Gyms

Madonna has partnered with one of the founders of 24 Hour Fitness to open her own gym chain called Hard Candy Fitness Centers. The first will be opening next month in Mexico City with plans to then roll out 10 more across the globe. Countries such as Russia, Brazil and Argentina have been named for […]

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Michael Jackson is the Richest Man (not) Alive

Michael Jackson is at the top of Forbes 10th annual list of top earning dead celebrities. Earning $275 million this year and is said to have earned over a billion since his death, the King of Pop beat out n The King (Elvis), who placed second with $60 million,  by a landslide.

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Elton John: New Projects and Contradicting Opinions

Elton John made it very clear in a recent radio interview with Radio Times how he feels about the state of songwriting and TV “talent” competitions.  The music legend pulled no punches stating, “Songwriters today are pretty awful, which is why everything sounds the same. Contemporary pop isn’t very inspiring.”  That hasn’t stopped him from dueting […]

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Kayne West Tweets Album Cover

Kanye West continues to think everything he does is a huge deal. First he “unveiled” the name of his new album as if the world had been intensely waiting, not for the album, but for the album title.  Now he’s released the cover via his twitter after hearing the cover would be banned by Wal-mart. […]

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Say Goodbye to T.I. (for a few of months)

Looks like T.I. is heading back to jail for another stretch. He was sentenced to 11 months for drug possession on Friday for an arrest in L.A. last month. The rapper had Ecstasy and tested positive for opiates which was in violation of the terms of his probation for a prior weapons charge.  T.I. begged […]

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Gorillaz Pre-ject Glee

Since being on the cover of Rolling Stone has become completely musically  meaningless, the new way to cement your status as relevant yet cool, is to say “no” to having your music covered on Glee.  The newest members of this club are Gorillaz. The band didn’t even wait for the show to ask to make […]

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Katy Perry Might Want You to Start Looking at Her Feet Instead

Katy Perry is about as pedestrian a pop star as they come and the one thing pedestrians need is shoes, so who better to pair up with Steve Madden?  Not since Ashlee Simpson signed with Sketchers has there been a better shoe / “singer” pairing.  Katy is said to be in talks with Madden on […]

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Everyone is Canceling on Oprah

We thought it was an unwritten rule that no one says “no” to Oprah. Remember when Jonathan Franzen expressed concerns with his book The Corrections being part of Oprah’s Book Club and the world went crazy? Well, now it seems to be okay to say no to the Queen of Talk. First Kanye West cancels […]

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Taylor Swift Retains Her Title as the Queen of Milquetoast in New Issue of Glamour

Awww Taylor Swift, as safe as they come, saying all the right things, never adding anything new to the conversation, never taking a strong stance or having a strong opinion on anything. The current issue of Glamour offers nothing more than more evidence of her stepford status.  The mannequineque pop star covers all the predictable […]

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Lil Wayne Sent to Solitary for a Crime of Music

Lil Wayne has been moved to solitary at Rikers for possessing a MP3 player and some headphones.  He got caught with the items back in May but had to wait for the isolation cell to become available.  Solitary for Wayne means: one hour of recreational time per day, shorter visits and one phone call a […]

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