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Katy Perry Taking Whatever Attention She Can Get

Well, Katy Perry put out an album recently but it’s becoming increasingly clear that music is just means to the spotlight for her. Since her chest is getting more attention than her vocal chords she seems to have abandoned music to jump on every opportunity her chest gets her for attention. First it was a […]

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QT for the Simpson/Wentz Crew

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson took their son Bronx to the park for some quality time. Despite the intense indian summer heat, Pete kept on his beanie and black puffy vest. Ashlee on the other hand was dressed more weather appropriate and took off her shoes to play in the sand box. All and all […]

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Katy Perry Forgot to Wear a Shirt on Sesame Street

We aren’t sure Sesame Street is the appropriate place for cleavage, but that didn’t stop Katy Perry from rockin’ it.  The pop princess had her money makers hanging out while doing a duet with Elmo on the TV show geared toward toddlers.  The scene included Perry running in her barely there top toward the camera, […]

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VMAs Feel Like WWE

It was hard to tell the difference last night between MTV and Cartoon Network, with the overarching look was cartoon character chic. Whether intentional or not, all the artists and attendees looked either drawn or painted, coinciding perfectly with the lack of anything real or of worth at the VMAs.  There was a lot of […]

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From Riches to Riches: Willow Smith

Wait doesn’t Rihanna already have a song called “Whipping My Hair”? Don’t we already have three Smiths we are supposed to care about? Aren’t we already too busy mime-ing Bieber’s hair on to stuff? Someone needs to let Jay-Z know because he just signed Willow Smith after hearing her track “Whip My Hair”. He  told […]

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Taylor Momsen’s Trying WAY Too Hard

Lies! Lies! Lies! No matter how hard she tries, and she’s trying pretty hard, nothing is going to undo the fact Taylor Momsen starred in a hugely popular teen show.  All the black eyeliner in the world won’t black out the fact that Taylor Momsen is a Gossip Girl. As if starting a mediocre rock […]

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A million here a million there..

The second single off Lil’ Wayne’s album, Tha Carter III, released right before the album dropped was coincidentally titled ‘a milli’ which ended up being a foreshadow to how the record would do in it’s first week alone!

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