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SNL’s Cheri Oteri’s father murdered by roommate

According to People.com, former Saturday Night Live star, Cheri Oteri, is suffering the recent tragic death of her father, 69 year old Gaetano Thomas Oteri, who was stabbed to death this past weekend at his home in South Nashville.

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Do the hustle!

Hey Nicky, can you do the chicken dance too?

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Tom Arnold in a Russell Crowe suit!

Russell Crowe Tom Arnold looking old and fat in West Hollywood!

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Insert adorable (fat) dad comment here.

Aww!!  Is this precious or what?!  Russell Crowe Dadda and boys out toy shopping in Beverly Hills!

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Paris and Benji: in love and glowin’!

Yes y’all, Paris Hilton is a’ g-l-o-w-i-n-g, and this time it ain’t ‘cuz of her fake tan! Starzlife.com recently caught up with the Paris and beau, Benji Madden, as they shopped for groceries at a high-end supermarket in Beverly Hills. And, our favorite socialite-gone-music enthusiast has never looked prettier or happier! Girl couldn’t stop smiling […]

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Shakira fights all the way to Washington!

Human rights are a personal issue for the Colombian super star.

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Ariel is at it again.

aaaah-ah-aaah! Phoebe Price has recently been quite vocal about her passion for the environment, something she has taken very seriously as her new cause.  In fact, Phoebe Price is now soo serious about our planet and its oceans, that she has even been heard giving out pointers on how to go (somewhat) green! WoW!  Who […]

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P.Hilton: Music Expert.

The ever-changing music groupie guru, Paris Hilton, was recently asked by members of Starzlife.com as to which one of the Stones’ classic songs was her all-time favorite and why.

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“My Beautiful Mommy”: The importance of sacrifice.

Beauty education is the ultimate goal… New book written by a plastic surgeon and designed to help kids cope with a bruised or “transforming” mommy, is the final step towards programming society’s young (kids and toddlers, actually) as to the importance of sacrifice and pain in order to fulfill one’s goals…

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Jessica Alba: silently returning baby gifts one by one!

Hey there, Puffy Lady!  I know you’re not Latina, and much less Puerto Rican, but see if you can look this up: ¡Que Mazeta! 🙂

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