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If thou art short on cash and cannot Botox or de-mole thyself…

Don’t worry dear, there are people in this world who actually choose not to do it!Minnie Driver is a true inspiration. Botox can kill you. Boycotting has always been an effective tool in the achievement of social awareness and change. So, you go, girl ma’am!!

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Joan Collins has a big ol’ mushroom growing out of her head…

But hey, she’s still looking mighty hot – for an old lady, of course.“Who, me?” Yes, you!

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David Spade. . . “Taco, burrito, what’s coming out of your…”

Ain’t he just a gem of a man?? Ah, to smell the gas to come out of this bean-chompin’, Tijuana food-lovin’, cheap disguise-wearin’, complete and total prince…

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Mexico is the new Vegas!

OMG! And it’s actually somewhat cute. . . Star Magazine is reporting that our favorite British wannabes have tied the knot in Mexico!!  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.  Isn’t Adnan Ghalib Married?  Would Star magazine take such a risk if they didn’t have the proper evidence?  I’m confused.   Gatecrasher is reporting […]

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Cutting right through stereotypes, Dita Von Teese is one classy lady!

Looking like the gorgeous pinup girl that she is, Dita Von Teese spent Monday afternoon shopping with her mama and sister (would’ve never guessed) on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  And, being the savvy and experienced business woman and artist that she is, her every move was carefully thought out, crafted, and designed well over […]

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America’s Next Top Drag Queen, perhaps?

Is it just me?They say Tyra Banks sh*t her pants. Right now I’m more concerned with that tiny man bump, seemingly growing right between her legs… WTFug?!

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Are these kids adorable or what?

House-hunting, pet-searching, park-playing!  Could Ben Affleck + clan be more perfect?  Either they’re in on the secret that 90% of America is yet to discover , or they’re practicing for a new, perfect-family movie role!  Busy, busy, busy!! Looking cuter than the Huxtables of Ivory Lane, our beloved Affleck clan has been quite the busy […]

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Lions, and tigers, and paps, oh my!

Destined to be dangerous a star….Britney Spears loves little kids. Yes, y’all, she’s been somewhat toned down, but scary still. This glamor girl seems to be getting back on track, or at least her twisted instincts are.  Yay! It seems that those famously weird-ass maternal instincts are starting to resurface for our favorite rainbow child!!  […]

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Is she not the coolest?

My oh my what a wonderful day… I absolutely love this chick!!  She is so disengaged from everything Hollywood that she actually looks normal.  I love it that she can enjoy a stroll down the street, just listening to her music, looking like she’s right where and how she wants to be…  paparazzi and all!!  […]

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Ay, Bebe!!

Sex Eva Longoria sells Bebe Sport!! Eva Longoria claims to have gained weight because of the writers’ strike, and if so, I’m glad she did, ‘cuz she’s looking fine, fine, fine!!  Eat your sleazy heart out, Alexandra Paressant!

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