Heath Ledger Dead!!

OMG!!!  Heath Ledger, 28, has been found dead in a soho residence.    The Australian born actor leaves behind Michelle Williams and Little Matilda.  No wonder it is raining outside.  Heaven is crying.   

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The Sun’s Cover!

 This is the cover of the Sun.  This is so amazingly sad.   Can you imagine the heartache her family is going through right now?  They say that you have to reach “rock bottom” sometimes before you can get the help you really need.  They also say that someone needs to want the help that […]

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Amy Winehouse don’t you know crack is wack?!

It just makes me so sick to my stomach!  I can barely watch the video.  Have you seen it?  If I knew what I was really doing and not just playing  I would totally post the video that the British paper “The Sun” has released of the rehab singer actually smoking from a crack pipe!  I […]

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Eww Gross!!

If this doesn’t teach Lindsay Lohan a lesson I don’t know what the Hell will! Lindsay has been ordered by the court to take the grand tour of the L.A. County morgue for four gruesome hours to serve out some community service time for her drunk ass driving! Come on now! I am the first […]

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Lindsay Lohan Nominated for multiple awards!

Lindsay Lohan has scored a few nominations for this year’s Razzie Awards! Celebrating Hollywood’s most hideous in film, as usual the Razzie’s were announced just ahead of the Oscar nominees. Lindsay Lohan’s joke of a thriller, “I Know Who Killed Me,” in which she plays two characters who may or may not be the same […]

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Somebody Help!

Although, I have been assured by a very reliable source that Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana is very well grounded and just a regular fifteen year old girl. . .I am having a really tough time buying it.   These pictures from the red carpet are so steamy I have to defog my eyeglasses!  I […]

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Charlie’s Angels

Thi is just too cute!  I can barely take it.  Charlie has definitely won my heart over with his undying affection for his little princesses and his soon to be queen!  Brooke Mueller is obviously a flawless match for Charlie and perfect addition to their little family.  

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J. Lo is a GLOW

OMG! How adorable does Jenny from the block look all knocked up!?! She is just glowing!!!! She has never, ever looked better! Now Mr. Lopez on the other hand aka Marc Anthony is looking more and more zombie like. Barf. To think I used to have the hots for this skeleton before he and Jennifer […]

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Barack vs. Hillary

They both just keep swinging, and slinging! It’s almost impossible to keep up! I am still on the fence, I hate to admit it. I love to exercise my right to vote, but this is really cutting it close and it’s getting down to the wire. Oprah supports Barack, now America Ferrera is rallying behind […]

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Mary J. Blige speaks out

  “Someone like Amy Winehouse is so important to the music business right now. It’s very painful (to see her battle drugs). I hope she makes it. I think it (the music industry) kind of got lost and we ended up in a drought for a while, but I see it making a turn, so […]

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