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Shia LaBeouf is feelin’ some relief!

And I’m just lovin’ it, y’all!!Now, ain’t that the cutest spontaneous smile you’ve ever seen?  Sure, it makes his face look somewhat spasmed and constricted, but that’s how real smiles tend to look (its the reason why we de-tag ourselves from all the “natural”/caught off guard online profile pics, and why stars sometimes actually prefer […]

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Snoop Dogg’s fashionhood?

Snoop Dogg: lovin’ life fashion & still rockin’ the stage!!Our cameras also caught up with this fashion icon at Project in Las Vegas, for the launching of Christian Audigier’s Paco Chicano (TM) line.  Snoop nailed an onstage performance, and later seemed to be enthralled by all the gorgeous chicas designs!You know, I can’t really figure […]

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And talking about the PREGNANT Avril Lavigne…

Today is February 19, 2008, by the way!! I remind you all that the new March, 2008 issue of Maxim is hitting newsstands today!!  And mommy Lavigne is on the cover!! I say we should all run out, buy it, and keep it close to our hearts, very close _ as a keepsake for when […]

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Daddy’s little angel.

The beautiful Crystal Rock!Can you believe she’s only 15?  Christian Audigier’s teenage daughter, and direct muse for the clothing line that bears her name, Crystal Rock (TM), was all smiles this week, as she rubbed shoulders with the finest of the fashion world and Hollywood.  And she even got a little stage time of her […]

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All you need is love, Love! Love is all you need!

Still in the mood for Valentines?  Everything is half off at Walgreens!Click on more to see some additional celebs l-o-v-e!

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Nicollette Sheridan is one hot ass blowfish!!

Desperate Housewives should start airing new episodes pretty soon, and I CAN’T WAIT!!  My favorite show is coming back, and not a moment too soon!!  Just imagine, if all our favorite characters keep undergoing transformations, pregnancies, and lip injections, Mr. Cherry and the writers will have to make up an episode that takes us directly […]

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Joan Collins has a big ol’ mushroom growing out of her head…

But hey, she’s still looking mighty hot – for an old lady, of course.“Who, me?” Yes, you!

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Cutting right through stereotypes, Dita Von Teese is one classy lady!

Looking like the gorgeous pinup girl that she is, Dita Von Teese spent Monday afternoon shopping with her mama and sister (would’ve never guessed) on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  And, being the savvy and experienced business woman and artist that she is, her every move was carefully thought out, crafted, and designed well over […]

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Ay, Bebe!!

Sex Eva Longoria sells Bebe Sport!! Eva Longoria claims to have gained weight because of the writers’ strike, and if so, I’m glad she did, ‘cuz she’s looking fine, fine, fine!!  Eat your sleazy heart out, Alexandra Paressant!

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US Weekly Loves!

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