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I love Paris Hilton!

How shallow can you be if you are totally HOT and date a fat ugly guy?  Not very if you ask me!  I love that Paris is wearing Benji’s duds and that she is totally unashamed to be the trophy on his chubby arm.  Who needs those billionaire oil heirs anyway?  Not Paris!  She seems […]

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Avril Lavigne is knocked up!

Avril Lavigne, wearing a tummy bump + shopping for baby clothes in West Hollywood!! And, we’ve even got the first exclusive, pics of her pea-sized heir (well, sort of)!That’s right, boys!!  Read it, and weep: Avril Lavigne is preggers!!  This cutsie Canadian pop star (who incidentally made the cover of Maxim this month), is finally […]

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All you need is love, Love! Love is all you need!

Still in the mood for Valentines?  Everything is half off at Walgreens!Click on more to see some additional celebs l-o-v-e!

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Are these kids adorable or what?

House-hunting, pet-searching, park-playing!  Could Ben Affleck + clan be more perfect?  Either they’re in on the secret that 90% of America is yet to discover , or they’re practicing for a new, perfect-family movie role!  Busy, busy, busy!! Looking cuter than the Huxtables of Ivory Lane, our beloved Affleck clan has been quite the busy […]

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In Beverly Hills? Come have lunch with Britney!

Britney Spears has been released from the looney bin and is lunching right now 3:35 p.m. L.A. time at the Beverly Hills Hotel which is on Sunset Blvd. and Benedict Canyon. Come and see Britney, Y’all!

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The Hottest New accessory~

 Why be a terrorist when you can just look like one in a HOT shade of pink?  J/K!  These wrap/scarf thingies are flying off the shelves at and   These Linen Shemagh Scarves scarves are the hottest item around!  Team Palestine! 

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Amy Winehouse in Rehab!

It’s official.  Amy’s people are confirming that the troubled singer has indeed entered into a rehabilitation facility to face her demons straight on. “Amy decided to enter the facility today after talks with her record label, management, family and doctors,” Universal Music Group said in a statement. “She has come to understand that she requires […]

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Deal With It, B*tch!

  Yes, our fresh blog got a brand new start and we already have the haters flocking it. Like my beloved Kimberly Jones, aka Lil’ Kim, who went to jail for lying to Federal Investigators, says in her song, “Shut Up B*tch” “I just keep climbing up the ladder, y’all never stop my swagger All […]

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